” Ramadan Festival “

Dear Co-workers and Students;


In my previous articles, as all you may know,

I tried to tell you about my festival experiences in Thailand.

This week I am going to write my impressions about a festival in Turkey.


Turkish and Islamic people call this festival ” Ramadan Festival “.

According to Islamic beliefs, people have to fast for one month in every year.

They always fast in the same month which is called ” Ramadan “.


During this period,

people can not eat or drink anything from the sunrise until the sunset.
They also have to control their emotions.

They shouldn’t get angry quickly, they should stay calm and they also
can not get into any sexual action in this period.


Because of people will stay hungry and thirsty all day,they wake up very early

after midnight and they prepare a good and satisfying meal.

Or you can name it breakfast.

They eat and drink as much as they want and they stop eaiting
and drinking before sunrise.


So, they don’t eat anything at breakfast and lunch.

They become pretty hungry in dinner time.

That is why they prepare pretty delicious meals for dinner
and enjoy it just with the sunset.



After one month passes,

the next morning people go to mosques and they pray for their God.

After praying, they go back to their home and have a really good breakfast.

They are not supposed to fast during the festival because it would be
a sin in their belief.


The festival takes place for three days and during this period,

the families visit the other families which are their relatives,

neighbours and best friends.

When they go visiting to each other, the host welcome the visitors very friendly

and serves them high quality candy or home-made delicious desert.


On the other hand, the children of the neighborhood
become together and make groups.

After that, the groups ring the bells of the neigbours,

and when the neighbours open their door,

the children wish them a happy Ramadan Festival and kiss their hands.


In Turkish culture, the younger people show their respect to

elder people by kissing their hands.

The neighbours thank to children and serve them candy or give them money.



During these three days,

you can see family groups on the streets which are going to visit their relatives
or you can see children walking from one neighbour door to another.

They all wear their best dresses and it is a totally good view to watch.



Although it is not as magnificent as Thai festivals,

it is still a modest but fun festival which is celebrated in Turkey
and all other Islamic countries.




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