Thai foods…

Dear Co-Workers and Students;


This week I want to talk about Thai foods. I will talk about Turkish foods, too. And I am going to compare two kitchens and I am going to say the differences between them.

This time, I will try to write in easier grammar. So the students can understand better. In my previous times, I always ate Turkish foods. And I also ate Western style foods in fast food restaurants. Most of times, the tastes were okay but they weren’t very delicious and especially fast foods were unhealthy.


In Turkish kitchen, people mostly cook the meals too oiled and they can not give up pastry. Many foods are pastry in Turkey and most of the foods include high level carbohydrates.

But in fact, the main problem is “bread” in Turkey. Even if the meal that is cooked doesn’t have carbohydrate, people eat a lot of bread with that meal. Previously many people were eating a lot of bread. Because they were poor and cooking bread was cheap. It is a cheap nutrition and it makes you feel full. But it became a very common and bad habbit now, so a lot of people keep eating bread even if they are not poor.

It includes high rated carbohydrate and that makes the people unhealthier and fatter. Besides, Turkish bread is not any tasty at all. As I know, Turkey is in the first place among all countries which eat bread the most.


Another thing I can say about Turkish kitchen is that people don’t eat many kinds of meals. They generally have a basic menu in their life and they rarely taste different and special tastes. They just eat the food to continue their lives.

They just eat and go to school. They just eat and go to work. They just eat and watch television. Eating is not a special and joyful thing for them. It is only a necessity to live.


On the other hand, Thai kitchen has been an amazing experience for me. I just loved the taste of the foods and I was very surprised of seeing the unbelievable  variety. Most of Thai foods are healthy and nutritious and most importantly they are so delicious. I wasn’t a fan of spicy foods before but since I have been in here, I have begun to get used to it.

Thai kitchen includes incredible tasty sauces, different cooking styles, meats, vegetables and top quality rice. I wish Turkish people would eat this healthy and low caloried carbohydrate instead of their bread.


The second advantage of Thai food is it’s being pretty economical. As a result of being a country with expensiv prices, Turkish people have to limit their choices in their kitchen.

I know millions of people who can not eat any kind of meat for long periods because of unreasonable prices.But since I had been here in Thailand, I could reach all of the delicious protein sources such as beef, pork, shrimp, fish, chicken, squid, etc….

But there is still a better side of Turkish kitchen according to Thai kitchen. And that is breakfast. Breakfast has completely a different menu from lunch and dinner in Turkey.People eat some bread, olive, cheese, honey, egg, a little butter, fruit jam while drinking a cup of tea or coffee.

I should admit that I would prefer Turkish style breakfast instead of  a Thai breakfast to start a day better. But this situation doesn’t change my mind in general. If I have to make a choice, I would always choose magical, different and adventurous Thai taste.


Best Regards,

Mr. Uygar Kanmaz



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